The perks of being a member of The Community


The Community is The Curious Piano Teachers online membership site that enables piano teachers to develop their teaching skills at home.

We only open enrolment a couple of times annually so, if you’re curious to know more, now is a good time to grab a coffee and read this post which gives you an overview of membership because enrolment closes tomorrow, Monday 4 September.


As Curious Piano Teachers we love reaching out across the world and bringing together teachers who have shared passions and concerns. We know that together we are all stronger and healthier as a profession.

Professor Rena Upitis from  Queen’s University, Canada, says:

“The Curious Piano Teachers is — by far — the most welcoming and comprehensive professional development program I have ever encountered. They understand piano teachers (because they themselves are accomplished piano teachers with years of experience and education), they empathise with the challenges faced by contemporary piano teachers, and most important of all, they provide timely and appropriate direction to teachers who are working to improve their teaching practices.”


Ever feel that you have ‘no way to help’ students? Ever feel frustrated because your monthly income is lower than you’d like? This is what we help you to do:

  1. learn how to deliver purposeful lessons
  2. revolutionise your teaching strategies
  3. increase the profitability of your teaching studio

“Before joining, I often found myself getting frustrated with ‘poor students’ – feeling that I had no way to help them. However unparalleled expertise that I’ve had access to via The Community’s ‘how-to’ videos, from a unique range of professionals, has transformed my teaching.” Katrina Fox, UK


Do you ever feel bored in your piano lessons?

“The worst thing about teaching is the monotonous routine of “play this”, “practise more”, “do it again” … my exposure to The Curious Piano Teachers approach has made it completely impossible to teach in that way again. The Curiosity Boxes and support from the community provide all the ideas you could ever need (and more) to turn your teaching upside down – in such a good way!” Julie Aherne, UK


On the first Monday of every month Sally and I pop into the inbox of our members with fresh teaching ideas. Each month we dive into a different topic. Click here to find out more about the forthcoming topics.

“Joining The Community is the single best thing I have done for me and my teaching career. The Curiosity Boxes are packed with really useful ready-to-go ideas. I have been introduced to new teaching approaches that have really revolutionised my teaching – and my students are hugely benefitting.” Debbie Garren, USA

“Bringing a curious approach to my teaching has meant that more students leave with smiles on their faces and a love of their own creativity. Best money I have ever spent. Being a member has improved more than just my piano teaching, all of my instrumental teaching has benefited from even the most casual glance at the materials on offer. Going deeper into the reading and videos has enabled me to improve my offering for all my students from the high achievers to those with extra needs.” Emma Packer, UK


You can watch our how-to videos over breakfast, and then try out the ideas in your teaching studio that day using the supporting workbooks and resources.

“From a nervous newbie to a confident piano teacher with a waiting list – I couldn’t have done it without The Community! Sally and Sharon have created something very special – a passionate, forward-thinking, wonderfully supportive community that I am proud to be a part of. A wealth of fabulous resources, demonstrations, ideas and activities – this is piano teacher training at its best, right at your fingertips whenever you need it.” Georgina Jordan, UK


Have you ever had an idea, but held back because you doubted yourself?

“Since joining The Community I discovered I’d plenty of good ideas waiting to be used, but the group support has given me the encouragement to act on them.” Katy Silverman, UK


You mightn’t have many seminars, workshops and conferences happening close to where you live. Besides, research has shown that a single day of professional development isn’t a catalyst for change. For professional development to make a significant impact on your teaching it needs to be *ongoing* – not sporadic.

“The whole concept of The Community is inspired because I live a bit far to get to many workshops and events! The Curiosity Boxes and live webinars more than compensate for this. In fact, they are even better, because I can go back and look again at the material at my convenience. There is the added benefit of ongoing contact with other piano teachers. Can’t praise it highly enough!” Rachel Yuile, UK

“Excellent value for money when you compare it to other more traditional professional development opportunities. Plus, it’s so flexible – you can access the materials when it’s convenient.” Helen Russell, UK


Members of The Community get to access a growing range of discount deals:

Manumat – 20% off every purchase on this website that’s dedicated to piano teachers

Alfred Music UK – 20% off all Alfred-published materials

Elena Cobb – 10% off every purchase across the full range of stock

Piano Safari – 10% off every purchase across the full range of stock

DoReMi Piano – 10% off every purchase across the full range of stock

Let’s Play – 54% off our online video course for piano teachers who teach beginners


At The Curious Piano Teachers we hold ourselves accountable. Sally and I are committed to:

  1. Supplying members with high quality teaching resources that will inspire them and their pupils
  2. Enabling members to explore and develop their own musicianship and playing skills
  3. Helping members to see old problems from a new perspective
  4. Offering members practical, actionable teaching guidance
  5. Supporting members with the guidance of experts and their peers
  6. Providing members with a safe place where they can interact with other teachers
  7. Explaining how to create systems that will enable members to develop an effective and profitable teaching practice

“Joining The Community has given me the spark I craved after having been a piano teacher for 25 years.” Lizbeth Atkinson, USA


Such as the cost of membership and the topics planned for the forthcoming Curiosity Boxes – click here

“If you’re thinking about joining the community, stop thinking and just do it! The Curiosity Boxes are packed full of high quality resources and ideas and The Curiosity Lounge (members-only Facebook group) is such a friendly, positive place to get ideas, feedback, advice and support. I wouldn’t be without it now.” Emma Howick, UK


Enrolment to The Community closes TOMORROW – on Monday 4 September. To find out more and become a member of The Community – click here

This post was written by Sharon Mark-Teggart, co-founder of The Curious Piano Teachers






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