Teaching Ideas for Watermark by Louise Chamberlain

We piano teachers, we’re all the same. We love our printable resources!

So for this month’s ‘Teaching Ideas’ video, I thought I’d design a student workbook to accompany the piece I’ve chosen to present to you: Louise Chamberlain’s Watermark, currently on the Grade 2 LCM Exams piano syllabus.


Did you know that Louise Chamberlain is a pseudonym for Pam Wedgwood?! So if you’ve ever played or taught pieces by Louise Chamberlain that have reminded you of Pam’s composition style – you now know why!

Earlier this week I sent Pam a Facebook message to ask her about the background to the name of her piece called Watermark. She wrote back:

“I had a lovely young pupil who was fascinated with the water marks hidden on certain papers. As I am always on the look out for original titles I thought I would write him a new piece called Watermark! It then went into the Step It Up! series as a Grade 2 piece! So there you have it. The boy in question is still playing the piano and still enjoying my pieces!!”

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In this video, I go through the Student Workbook for Watermark – demonstrating teaching ideas and practice strategies.

To download and print your FREE Student Workbook before watching the video – click here

Sharon’s Curious Desk, mid-preparation for this video, on Saturday morning!


Each of the following books include Louise Chamberlain’s piano piece Watermark
Step It Up! Piano Grades 1-2  – click here
LCM Grade 2 Piano Handbook – click here


And just in case you missed the link above, click here to download the Workbook for students learning Watermark.


This is part of a 12-month project where, every month, I will feature a different piece and share my teaching ideas.
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Next month, the video for another well-loved piano piece will be released… stay curious!

If there’s a piece that you’d like to see teaching ideas and resources for, please let me know in the comments below. I can’t promise that your piece will get chosen, but I will aim to use a few suggestions.

Meanwhile, I’d love to know how you get on with these teaching ideas for Watermark. You can write to me in the comments below or at sharon@curiouspiano.org – happy teaching and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

This blog post was written by Sharon Mark-Teggart | Co-Founder & Director of The Curious Piano Teachers

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