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The Piano Framework


The Piano Framework© 2021 provides a comprehensive overview of the many different and often overlapping elements that learning to play the piano involves. It provides teachers, students and parents with a new, fresh approach to teaching and learning the piano. It has a concept and skills led approach at its heart. The 2021 edition of […]

Online Piano Teaching Course - beginner musical concepts away from the keyboard

3 top tips for first piano lessons – #2 Away from the keyboard

How and where does your best thinking happen? Are you able to sustain your concentration for quite long periods? Or do you find that after a while, you need to get up, move around and have a short break before resuming what you were doing? Young children in particular tend to learn best through action […]

4 Essential Ingredients for Piano Teachers

I love cake! What’s more I love making cakes, especially cupcakes but I am not someone who just remembers recipes so when I have to make a special, celebratory tea with a menu made up of sandwiches, jelly, cupcakes, swiss roll etc. I go straight to my recipe books, usually Nigella where I know I […]