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Is there a right age to start learning?

At what age did you start learning the piano?   MY STORY My lessons began aged 8 when one of the teachers at my school remarked to my parents that: ‘Sally sings loudly in assembly – maybe she should learn an instrument?’ Once lessons began I made quite swift progress through the grades arriving at […]

Creating Musical Encounters


‘Why do you play the piano’? I asked this question last week when I gave a talk at Miller’s Music in Cambridge (UK) to a group of piano teachers. Overwhelmingly the answer was: “because of a love of music and the piano”. I went on and asked the same question about our pupils and came […]


I love getting away from the computer! There’s nothing to beat getting out into the ‘real’ world and spending quality time with like-minded people. Sharon and I have done just that this week as we have been to a conference. It was held at the University of York and the theme – Connections and Communication […]



Imagine the following scenario: Teacher to pupil: ‘Play middle C’. Pupil responds carefully and plays middle C. Teacher: ‘How did you know that was middle C?’. Pupil: ‘Because it’s by the keyhole’. METACOGNITION Maybe you’ve had a similar scenario with a pupil in the past – I know I certainly have. You believe that the […]

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Memorisation – the Power of Three

Were you ever encouraged to memorise pieces when you were learning the piano? For a lucky few the answer might be ‘yes’ but I suspect for many of you this was a neglected skill. Memorising is the second, vital connection in the Power of Three. Just like internalising (click here to read last week’s blog […]

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The new music has been ordered, the pencils are all sharpened and the notebooks are ready. I expect you are nearly prepared for the new term. What about preparation though beyond the practicalities? Are you ready to incorporate improvising, memorising and internalising (audiation) into every lesson? Or are you really not convinced of their role […]

Instrumental Lessons for secondary school students


Parents often ask for advice about changing music teachers when their children transfer to secondary school. Many secondary schools provide instrumental lessons in school which means parents and students have pause to make a choice about whether to have lessons in the school or to continue lessons with their existing teacher. Our blog post this […]

The Curious Piano Teachers at the MTNA 2017 Conference

What was the best thing about being at the MTNA 2017 conference? Undoubtedly, it was meeting in person, people who had only been Facebook friends up till that point! I’m now back in the UK after an exciting and interesting few days over in Baltimore. Today’s blog is a brief overview of our time there. […]

Online piano teacher training - Helping pupils to deal with Performance Anxiety

Helping pupils to deal with Performance Anxiety

Sweaty palms, butterflies in the tummy, a feeling that you would rather be anywhere but sitting at the piano ready to play your piece to the audience. If you recognise this scenario you’re not alone as most pianists, performers, actors, sports people and public speakers are affected by performance anxiety at some point. This week […]

Online Piano Teaching Course - beginner musical concepts away from the keyboard

3 top tips for first piano lessons – #2 Away from the keyboard

How and where does your best thinking happen? Are you able to sustain your concentration for quite long periods? Or do you find that after a while, you need to get up, move around and have a short break before resuming what you were doing? Young children in particular tend to learn best through action […]