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celebrating Beethoven's birthday


Are you planning on celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday on or around Wednesday, December 16th 2020? I am holding my annual Christmas Piano Party on that date, and we are going to be singing Happy Birthday to the great man. Such an important composer deserves to be celebrated on this big birthday. There were many concerts […]

online piano lessons

7 ways to connect with students in online piano lessons

When teaching online piano lessons, whether via zoom, Facetime or Skype, do you sometimes find it’s hard to maintain your energy and purpose? Over the summer the thought of returning to teaching online made my heart sink. I wasn’t surprised to read that other teachers were feeling just the same way and dreading the thought […]

The Curious Piano Teachers

7 surprising facts about The Curious Piano Teachers

Did you know that The Curious Piano Teachers will be celebrating its 5th birthday in May? Yes, it’s 5 years since our doors were first opened and we welcomed our very first teachers. Like any healthy organisation things have continued to grow and change since 2015 whilst our core values of helping to connect and […]

Teaching Ideas for ‘A Little Fable’ by Kabalevsky

I love sitting down with a piece of music, digging deep and surfacing a few hours (or days!) later with fun teaching ideas and resources. Today I want to share with you my teaching ideas for ‘A Little Fable’ – a cute little piece from Kabalevsky’s collection 30 Children’s Pieces Op.27. According to the Oxford Dictionary a […]


How many questions have you asked in the last hour? In the last day? In the last week? This month in The Community (The Curious Piano Teachers online membership site) we are looking at all things to do with giving feedback in piano lessons. One of the key elements of effective feedback is the art […]

musically literate

Are your students musically literate?

Are your students musically literate? And by that I mean able to read, sing, internalise/audiate, play and create. Now before you wander off thinking that Sally’s talking about beginners again, I don’t just mean those students who are at the more elementary levels but at all levels and standards. WHAT IS MUSICAL LITERACY? To help […]


Debussy and childhood. One’s thoughts immediately turn to Children’s Corner (more on that below) but his own childhood is an interesting starting point for finding out more about the composer. Here are a few fascinating gems about the young Claude-Achille Debussy. FAMILY FACTS Debussy’s father, grand-father and great-grand-father were all known as de Bussy. Debussy […]

Teaching Special Needs – Be Inspired!

Writing last week’s blog about my special needs pupil felt really quite special for me. It was lovely to find that are quite a few of us who have been inspired by similar situations in our teaching.   This week we are continuing our Special Needs theme by highlighting some of the great resources that […]


What is sight-reading? We’ve been back out and about on social media again this week asking you to share your thoughts about this and other questions related to this important topic. WHAT IS SIGHT-READING? Back in 1778 Mozart wrote that the goal is ‘to play the piece…so as to make believe that it had been […]


It’s 3 sleeps to Christmas. At CURIOUS HQ we’re winding down – and we hope you are too! This morning Sally and I have been flicking through our diaries to remind ourselves of the curious happenings of 2017. Take a look with us below… Sharon Mark-Teggart & Sally Cathcart – Co-Founders of The Curious Piano […]