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Where do you get your improvisation inspiration from? What are some of your favourite places to go for a stimulus? We asked the contributors to The Curious Improvisation Symposium this very question and, as you might have come to expect from the series, there’s something here for everyone! ANDREW HIGGINS When teaching students I use […]

Internalisation – The Power of Three

What do international musicians have in common with premier league footballers, Olympic athletes and top-flight tennis players? They all visualise their performance before an event either by ‘playing’ the piece in the concert hall, ‘running’ the race or ‘hitting’ the ball. But the visualisation isn’t just a mental image; it includes the sounds, the smells, […]

Tuesday Teaching Tips

Tuesday Teaching Tips with Sally

Back in early January I had a bit of a brainwave. Sharon and I had been thinking for some time about how to give practical and immediate help to all piano teachers. Around this same time I hopped into a Facebook Live session from someone and realised this was it! Since the start of 2017 […]


Last week I presented the general principles behind messy piano. This week I am going to look at a messy lesson in more depth. As one-to-one instrumental teachers we have a potentially exciting and unique opportunity to explore how pupils can learn in new and deep ways. We are free to teach exactly how we […]