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I wonder if piano teachers all work too hard in piano lessons? If you find yourself explaining things again and again to your pupils – wondering why they aren’t getting it – then you just might need to be a bit ‘lazier’! I am in the lucky position of being able to watch many other […]

More Than Just a Piano Teacher

Sharon and I are away planning the future development of The Curious Piano Teachers this week so we are delighted that Claire Bowes, one of our Curious Community, has written this post. Often we undervalue ourselves as piano teachers, but if we actually think about exactly what we do and what is expected of us, […]

The Power of Practice

What do Lang Lang, Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams and Mozart have in common? As you might have guessed from the title of this week’s post they are all shining examples of individuals who have become experts in their field through the act of purposeful practice. Over the next four weeks I am going […]