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21 ace ways to start piano lessons

Do you have a favourite question or activity that you start piano lessons with? One of our Curious Piano Teachers asked this question recently and between us we came up with 21 ideas. We’d love to hear about some of your favourite ways to start lessons so do share in the comments. GATHERING INFORMATION #1. […]

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What are some of the weekly, termly, yearly struggles you face in piano lessons? We all have them whether large or small. It might be getting parents to pick up and pay up on time or just having someone else to chat through piano teaching problems with. Here at The Curious Piano Teachers we have […]

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Turning failure into success

How do you feel when you hear that one of your students is going to stop having lessons? Disappointed and/or frustrated because you know that they could do really well if they only practised? Relieved because you were struggling to motivate them? Or do you feel guilty and feel like a failure as a piano […]


Fat Questions & Skinny Questions

What kind of questions do you mostly ask in your piano lessons? Did you know that not all questions are equal and some types have more learning power than others? I played a game with some of my pupils this week where they had to spot every time I asked a question. It was great […]

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Have you ever been approach by a parent about teaching a child or young person with special needs? One of the joys of my teaching week is the time I spend working with my special needs pupil. Let’s call her Sam. The first time she ever came to a lesson was memorable for the fact […]

Piano Teaching Resources for the new term

As a child I always loved the preparation for the new term in September. It meant going out and buying lots of new books and resources. Stationary shops were (and still are) some of my favourite places. There was always great joy in choosing and buying new pencils, pens and all the other equipment necessary. […]

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The nights are beginning to draw in, the conkers are getting fatter and shinier by the day and the hedgrows are full of ripening blackberries. As Autumn gradually begins to make its presence felt in the Northern Hemisphere we are equally as gently turning our thoughts towards the new term ahead. We’ve asked all the […]

Online Piano Teaching Course - beginner musical concepts away from the keyboard

3 top tips for first piano lessons – #2 Away from the keyboard

How and where does your best thinking happen? Are you able to sustain your concentration for quite long periods? Or do you find that after a while, you need to get up, move around and have a short break before resuming what you were doing? Young children in particular tend to learn best through action […]

When singing in piano lessons isn’t an option…

  …and what to do instead! Lots of teachers ask Sharon and me why singing is so important when we are teaching the piano. Well, as Professor Gary McPherson stresses: ‘singing should be a common and natural part of all early [instrumental] lessons’.[1] Singing matters because it helps children to build up important mental models. […]


Do you have any pieces of music that live especially close to your heart? Pieces that were first learnt a while ago, maybe when you were young, that somehow you keep returning to? For me one such piece is Dr Gradus ad Parnassum from Children’s Corner Suite by Claude Debussy. I first learnt it when […]