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piano parents

A letter to my piano parents – thank you!

To end my 2019-20 academic year I have written a thank you letter to my piano parents. Written from my own personal perspective it reflects my own circumstances and current thoughts about my piano teaching in Autumn 2020. I share it here in the hope that some of you find it useful.  Dear Piano Parents, […]


Change in the Piano Studio

Change has come dramatically to the world over the last six months. Now we all have a different perspective on life and living. I heard someone on the radio just this week say: there are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen. That resonated with me and is certainly true in the piano […]

Piano Teachers – thank you!

Piano teachers – Thank YOU! All across the world so many of you are doing a brilliant job in these extraordinary times. So during Teacher Appreciation Week* – from us to you – a huge thank you on behalf of all the piano students you are teaching and piano parents you are working with. PIANO […]

online piano lessons

Zoom for online piano lessons – 10 ways to set up safe and secure lessons

In the last couple of weeks more and more people, including piano teachers, have turned to zoom for online piano lessons. It’s a great platform on the whole and for many people (although not all) it’s more stable and versatile than the alternatives of Skype, Facetime or What’s App. Zoom has been in the news […]