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It’s easy to feel rather overwhelmed at times isn’t it? During this week I felt like this when I started to sort out all my music scores and books ready for the term ahead. It’s great that there is an ever-increasing amount of teaching material and resources available. However, it can make the job of […]

8 reasons why you shouldn’t join The Community

  How do you feel about turning your piano teaching upside down?  This week a piano teacher commented that her membership of The Community* had ‘turned her teaching upside down’. Her exposure and engagement with the monthly Curiosity Boxes meant she was no longer stuck in the monotonous routine of ‘play this’ and ‘practise that’ […]

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The perks of being a member of The Community

  The Community is The Curious Piano Teachers online membership site that enables piano teachers to develop their teaching skills at home. We only open enrolment a couple of times annually so, if you’re curious to know more, now is a good time to grab a coffee and read this post which gives you an […]