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The Curious Piano Teachers

The Curious Piano Teachers – celebrating five years, part 2

May 17th 2020 finds The Curious Piano Teachers celebrating their fifth birthday. In part 1, we followed Sally and Sharon as they developed their idea; in part 2, we look back over the past five years of Curiousness.   ONE STEP AT A TIME By early spring 2015, we were ready to start building an […]


Are you a teacher who is ready to move on? ‘”Anyone can teach the piano in the UK.” When I tell people this they are amazed: “What? Anyone?” Then I have to go through the explanation that piano teaching is unregulated, teachers don’t need to have any qualifications and people are often asked to teach […]


I love getting away from the computer! There’s nothing to beat getting out into the ‘real’ world and spending quality time with like-minded people. Sharon and I have done just that this week as we have been to a conference. It was held at the University of York and the theme – Connections and Communication […]



Imagine the following scenario: Teacher to pupil: ‘Play middle C’. Pupil responds carefully and plays middle C. Teacher: ‘How did you know that was middle C?’. Pupil: ‘Because it’s by the keyhole’. METACOGNITION Maybe you’ve had a similar scenario with a pupil in the past – I know I certainly have. You believe that the […]


Fat Questions & Skinny Questions

What kind of questions do you mostly ask in your piano lessons? Did you know that not all questions are equal and some types have more learning power than others? I played a game with some of my pupils this week where they had to spot every time I asked a question. It was great […]

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I’m a piano teacher and I help change lives

Say the headline aloud! Go on, you can do it. Say it out aloud and with conviction. During May I’ve been looking at our role as piano teachers. How we started, what choices we made as well as well as why we matter and why it’s important to know our own story. You can find […]



Do you feel like a ‘real’ piano teacher? Do you feel secure and professional in what you do? Or are you always worried that someone will ‘find you out’? All this month I’ve been looking at the choices and different opportunities we’ve made in our journeys to become piano teachers. Click the links below to […]

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How did you become a piano teacher? Was it a conscious career decision or did it happen almost by accident? We know that there are many routes into becoming a piano teacher. For me, having just graduated, it seemed like the obvious thing to do and crucially there was a ready-made opportunity for me to […]

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8 nuggets of advice for newbie piano teachers

I wish there had been somebody who I could have asked for advice when I was a new teacher. I can remember feeling very bewildered and confused sometimes about what to teach and how to teach it. I say this because last week in the Curiosity Lounge (our private Facebook group for paid up subscribers […]

Where do I start? 5 tips for the new piano teacher

Many piano teachers (myself included) start to teach the piano without any training in how to teach. I can remember my sheer confusion in one of the very first lessons that I gave when I realised that my 11 year old pupil had no understanding of the musical language that I spoke. In particular, she […]