Piano Teachers – thank you!

Piano teachers – Thank YOU!
All across the world so many of you are doing a brilliant job in these extraordinary times.

piano teachers - thank you

So during Teacher Appreciation Week* – from us to you – a huge thank you on behalf of all the piano students you are teaching and piano parents you are working with.


Your work has rarely been more important than it is right now.

  • You are a familiar and friendly face who is providing a sense of stability when all around is strange.
  • You are providing a weekly routine into a week with little structure
  • You are bringing warmth and joy into millions households across the world
  • You are touching lives in lockdown by sharing your love of music with them
  • You are someone whose enormous efforts are appreciated by many grateful parents


So many of you moved your teaching studio online, although anxious and found you could make it work.

  • You are working incredibly hard to create the best online piano lessons you can
  • You are often exhausted by the end of a teaching day
  • You have learnt so much during the last 6 weeks about teaching online you could write a book
  • You understand words that you didn’t know existed such as latency and audio interface.
  • You have made difficult choices about whether to teach on-line or not


You are touching the lives of many by sharing your love of music, and music, right now, is more important than it has ever been.

Here are a handful of stories from members of The Community.


I finally feel I am getting to grips with online teaching and beginning to enjoy teaching again. It’s lovely to get good feedback from parents when they can see how much effort we’ve gone to. It made my day yesterday when a pupil who was reticent to say Goodbye came out with ‘I love having online piano lessons – they’re really fun!


I’m over the moon! One of my best students was in a slump for the last few weeks, we didn’t seem to have that same witty spark that was always there when 1-1.

Tonight I was able to play the “Guess who” game (as recommended in the current Curiosity Box) via zoom – this has to be one of the best lessons and most fun I’ve had since online began for me. And when you receive a txt like this from mum afterwards, this has just made my day: ‘such an excited girl after her lesson tonight. She really loved that, thank you!


One of the best things to come out of teaching online for me, is that I’ve just been speaking to my sister about starting lessons for my nephew. They live over an hour away, so in person lessons here wouldn’t work. As an extra bonus, my sister does online personal training classes, so we’ll be swapping online piano lessons for online personal training.


I’ve been working on Over the Rainbow with some of mine. One of them sent me a video of her playing it last night outside her house during the ‘clap’. It made me cry – I’m bursting with pride!


I’m feeling much calmer this week and more in a routine which I’m so grateful for. My teaching has consolidated into Tues / Weds / Thurs during the day which is working for me and my family. Early morning walks are helping me mentally too. 22 pupils is enough for me, my 2 video lessons decided to stop and to be honest, I’m glad because it wasn’t a system that worked (for me personally that is). Today the sun is shining and I have a day to do a bit of prep and time to breathe


We know that it isn’t always easy but we’d love to hear some good news stories from your piano studio. Do let us know in the comments below.

*Teacher Appreciation Week runs from 6-10 May in the US.

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This blog post was written by Dr Sally Cathcart, Co-Founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers. 

2 thoughts on “Piano Teachers – thank you!

  1. Robyn

    The fact that you are both such a happy, thoughtful and thoroughly professional part of our lives is greatly appreciated…thank you.

  2. Julie C

    I was buzzing with excitement after giving my first online school piano lesson this week. I thought the novelty might wear off, but I enjoyed connecting with more pupils as the week progressed & looking forward to meeting more soon. No tiredness from sitting in traffic, dashing to collect from class, search on playground. Also I don’t have to squeeze in playing the Coronavirus Etude (using anti-bacterial cloth) & hand washes between each 20 min lesson! Instead I can sit with cuppa in my sunny garden. I return to my online classroom feeling refreshed & have more time to plan & send homework). Yes, there are sometimes technical fustrations, but so far, overall, it’s a big + for me.


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