Piano repertoire, digital downloads and studio licenses

At the start of the new academic year it’s always interesting to see what new music and resources are available. Whether you are a novice or an experienced teacher this is the opportunity to add to your teaching library, even it is only one piece!

An increasing amount of publishers are starting to offer digital downloads. Whilst these are never going to replace printed repertoire books completely, single sheet music is an incredibly useful supplementary tool for piano teachers. Working with a main set of books a few, carefully chosen additional digital download pieces can both refresh and motivate. It’s a win for the student and teacher!

So here are some of the Curious Community’s favourite digital downloads, repertoire, and studio licenses.


Did you know that many of the piano pieces set in the 2021-22 and 2023-24 ABRSM syllabus are available as digital downloads? This allows teachers to give students a selected piece, without mentioning the word ‘exam’, and find out how they get on with it.

Here’s a link to a hidden gem in the new syllabus, only available as this digital download.  CLICK HERE


Samantha Coate’s Rote Repertoire project is another popular site when individual pieces of music are required. Once again as a teacher you buy the studio licence which then can be used again and again. CLICK HERE


Wendy Stevens is certainly a composer who knows how to capture enthusiasm and spark a sense of storytelling with her music whilst being pedagogically sound. Her Rhythm Menagerie is well worth the investment and you’ll find yourself using them year after year (something I am planning to use again this term). Here’s a link to one piece my beginner students have loved learning in the past. CLICK HERE


The Get Set piano tutor books by Karen Marshall are very popular with piano teachers in the UK, and rightly so. Did you know there is a whole range of free samples to accompany the books? For example, Get Set! Piano Christmas Crackers has six free carol arrangements that can be downloaded. CLICK HERE

Sorry to mention the ‘C’ word in September but it is just around the corner now….!


The music of composer June Armstrong continues to delight and satisfy many in the Curious Community. Alphabet is a particular favourite. According to piano teacher Sally Gogna:

‘Alphabet is my most used studio licensed book, its’ great for primary aged students moving beyond beginner level note reading who love their piano lessons and playing imaginatively.

All publications are available as hard copies and can be bought separately as a studio digital download. CLICK HERE


This fabulous resource is a real treasure trove of inspiration and help, both for the student and the teacher. It is run by Curious member Ruth Alberici and we really recommend signing up to the mailing list to keep up to date. CLICK HERE


This is a site I have used for years and years! Some of the arrangements are still free although there isn’t as much available these days as there used to be. CLICK HERE

I hope that’s given you some websites to go and explore. Finally, I picked up a good tip from a teacher in The Community: give your students ring-bound display book to store all those loose pieces of music in! Here’s quite a posh version from Amazon but cheaper versions are available. CLICK HERE

This blog post was written by Dr Sally Cathcart, co-founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers.

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