These times are tough. We want to help you.

We are living through exceptional times. Piano teachers all over the world are having to adapt in order to continue teaching. The strains and stresses of everyday life, coupled with the momentous leap of starting to teach online, make each one of us feel vulnerable and exhausted.

Here at The Curious Piano Teachers we have recognised the deep need for piano teachers to feel supported and connected at this time.

Therefore, we are offering FREE SUPPORT to all piano teachers worldwide by giving free access to our membership site for 1 month. 

At this exceptional time, The Community has proved to be an extraordinary place for piano teachers to be. Together we’ve been helping and supporting each other make the transition to online teaching. Even more importantly, we’ve been connecting with each other inside our member-exclusive Facebook group.

Your free membership will:

  • help you get to grips with the finer details of technology and software
  • provide access to shared teaching ideas for online lessons
  • give you a place to relax with our twice-weekly Community Chats
  • connect you to other teachers with mutual support and encouragement
  • give you 100% access to the membership resources

We look forward to meeting you soon! x







Will my card be charged today?
Nope! You will only be charged if you don’t cancel before your FREE MONTH ends.

Be sure to add the coupon code FREESUPPORT at the checkout

Can I cancel at any time?
Yup! You can cancel at any time inside your account settings.

What happens if I don’t cancel?
You will continue as a member of The Community at a monthly rate of £26. You can also choose to upgrade to the yearly rate of £247.

What’s included in this free month of membership?
Everything! Know what it feels like to be a valued member 
– 100% access to library of ready-to-use teaching resources & videos
– Access to member-exclusive Facebook group
– Access to our regular Community Chats via Zoom
– Bonus resources & discount deals