Last week we asked you on Facebook what you thought we should call our Curious Live events in February 2018.

It was a close run thing but Redefining Expectations (which was also our own preference) just came ahead of the others. So Redefining Expectations it is!

Curious LIVE

You might be wondering why you should invest the time and money in attending one of the Curious Live events.

Here’s five reasons why this needs serious consideration.


You can learn a lot from books, magazines and on-line stuff but there’s nothing like a live event for igniting that extra spark. Meeting the experts in real life, and finding out that they probably have just the same teaching issues as you do is very reassuring.

Both Sharon and I have invested thousands of pounds between us in attending live events and courses. Without them we just wouldn’t be where we are today.


You probably feel quite isolated a lot of the time in your teaching – many of us do. Attending a live event gives you the opportunity to meet up with old friends and often to make connections with new people.

Feeling part of something that is bigger than just ‘little old you’ helps to give you a greater sense of authority and purpose. You can deal with parents in a more positive and constructive way if you know this is how the profession acts.


Someone asked me once how they could become an ‘expert’ just like me! Well, the good news is that anyone can become an expert if they dedicate themselves to a topic. This often requires time and money however.

A live event gives you the opportunity to meet the experts and find out how they got to be one. You can also pick their brains with all those questions you’ve been saving up.


Feeling a little stuck in your teaching and lacking inspiration is quite common. You’ve probably experienced it on more than one occasion. Live events are just great for picking up new ideas and getting the creative juices flowing again. Often all that is needed is a little push in the right direction.

I remember attending a workshop with Nelly Ben-Or, a pianist who brought the application of the Alexander Teachnique into her piano teaching. At the time I was stuck with my M.A. research. During the live event I had such a lightbulb moment that it is still with me to this day. Powerful stuff!


Ask yourself whether you invest enough in yourself? If you have aspirations to improve and develop as a piano teacher, and let’s face it a human being, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to invest the time and money needed. Otherwise your teaching will stay the same and nothing will change.

There’s nothing quite like a live event for opening new doors and possibilities.


It’s up to us to shape our own future as piano teachers and that’s exactly what our Curious Live events intend to help us all to do; both as individuals and as a profession. We’re working hard behind the scenes to finalise the programme and early-bird tickets are due to go on sale next week.

Stay curious…

This blog post was written by Dr. Sally Cathcart Co-Founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers

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