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Welcome to our end of year roundup; in this first part we are looking back at what we’ve been up to over on our YouTube Channel. YouTube is still a fairly recent addition to what we offer and during 2019 we’ve been consistently adding videos on a regular basis. Sally’s Tuesday Teaching Tips can all […]

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What are some of the weekly, termly, yearly struggles you face in piano lessons? We all have them whether large or small. It might be getting parents to pick up and pay up on time or just having someone else to chat through piano teaching problems with. Here at The Curious Piano Teachers we have […]

Teaching Ideas for War Dance by Kabalevsky

This blog presents a series of teaching ideas for War Dance by Kabalevsky (from his collection 30 Children’s Pieces Op.27)… … and with a title like this there is plenty of scope for the imagination! So what springs to mind when you think of the title ‘War Dance’? Totem poles. Feather headbands. Open, dusty plains. Buffalo. […]

Teaching Ideas for Watermark by Louise Chamberlain

We piano teachers, we’re all the same. We love our printable resources! So for this month’s ‘Teaching Ideas’ video, I thought I’d design a student workbook to accompany the piece I’ve chosen to present to you: Louise Chamberlain’s Watermark, currently on the Grade 2 LCM Exams piano syllabus. WATERMARK BY LOUISE CHAMBERLAIN Did you know […]

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Are your students musically literate?

Are your students musically literate? And by that I mean able to read, sing, internalise/audiate, play and create. Now before you wander off thinking that Sally’s talking about beginners again, I don’t just mean those students who are at the more elementary levels but at all levels and standards. WHAT IS MUSICAL LITERACY? To help […]


Debussy and childhood. One’s thoughts immediately turn to Children’s Corner (more on that below) but his own childhood is an interesting starting point for finding out more about the composer. Here are a few fascinating gems about the young Claude-Achille Debussy. FAMILY FACTS Debussy’s father, grand-father and great-grand-father were all known as de Bussy. Debussy […]


Improvisation – the experts share top resources

‘What are your top resources for improvisation?’ This was the question we asked our symposium contributors for this, the penultimate week of The Curious Improvisation Symposium. We really wanted them to share some of their own resources as well as some of their favourite books and ideas. They have all come up trumps and you’ll […]


What is improvisation?

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they refer to ‘improvisation’? Is improvisation just to do with playing jazz? In the first of this brand new blog series we’ve got the thoughts from 10 of our contributors to our Curious Symposium. See if you can spot the themes running throughout the answers. ANDREW HIGGINS […]

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It’s easy to feel rather overwhelmed at times isn’t it? During this week I felt like this when I started to sort out all my music scores and books ready for the term ahead. It’s great that there is an ever-increasing amount of teaching material and resources available. However, it can make the job of […]

Piano Teaching Resources for the new term

As a child I always loved the preparation for the new term in September. It meant going out and buying lots of new books and resources. Stationary shops were (and still are) some of my favourite places. There was always great joy in choosing and buying new pencils, pens and all the other equipment necessary. […]