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The Piano Framework


The Piano Framework© 2021 provides a comprehensive overview of the many different and often overlapping elements that learning to play the piano involves. It provides teachers, students and parents with a new, fresh approach to teaching and learning the piano. It has a concept and skills led approach at its heart. The 2021 edition of […]

Curiosity Box


2019 has been a bumper year for our Curiosity Boxes, the monthly series of masterclasses, workshops and library of teaching resources available to members. Here’s a round up of all the resources that have been published this year. If you’re already a member of The Community you can just click on the links for immediate […]

4 Essential Ingredients for Piano Teachers

I love cake! What’s more I love making cakes, especially cupcakes but I am not someone who just remembers recipes so when I have to make a special, celebratory tea with a menu made up of sandwiches, jelly, cupcakes, swiss roll etc. I go straight to my recipe books, usually Nigella where I know I […]

Understanding the difference between learning skills and concepts

What skills and concepts do our pupils actually learn in their piano lessons?  WE NEED TO BECOME MORE SYSTEMATIC IN OUR TEACHING  This week I went for a ‘quick’ spin in a Lamborghini Huracan. To say that I got out of the car with my knees trembling is a bit of an understatement! Sadly, I […]