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Teaching Ideas for Watermark by Louise Chamberlain

We piano teachers, we’re all the same. We love our printable resources! So for this month’s ‘Teaching Ideas’ video, I thought I’d design a student workbook to accompany the piece I’ve chosen to present to you: Louise Chamberlain’s Watermark, currently on the Grade 2 LCM Exams piano syllabus. WATERMARK BY LOUISE CHAMBERLAIN Did you know […]

Online piano teacher training - Helping pupils to deal with Performance Anxiety

Helping pupils to deal with Performance Anxiety

Sweaty palms, butterflies in the tummy, a feeling that you would rather be anywhere but sitting at the piano ready to play your piece to the audience. If you recognise this scenario you’re not alone as most pianists, performers, actors, sports people and public speakers are affected by performance anxiety at some point. This week […]