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Compose Yourself!

Compose Yourself! 2022

Compose Yourself! – the online piano composition festival is back for a second year, providing an opportunity for all UK-based young pianists to be creative. We’re delighted to welcome composer Alison Mathews as our guest blog writer to introduce the festival.  COMPOSE YOURSELF! Alison writes… When the festival was co-founded by myself and Lindsey Berwin, […]


Engaging Curiosity

When were you last curious about something? As a PhD student, brimming over with curiosity and with a burning question to answer, one of the first things you get told is that there are no answers, only more questions! ABOUT CURIOSITY According to the author, Ian Leslie, the right sort of curiosity nourishes us [1]. […]

A selection of beginner piano methods including all levels of Piano Safari, Ready To Play, Get Set! Piano and Piano Adventures

Beginner piano methods loved by our Community!

For many piano teachers across the world, September marks the start of a new academic year.  With lots of new beginner piano students starting their first piano lessons, and many different beginner piano methods on the market, how do we choose the right ones for our students?   Inside The Curious Piano Teachers’ Community this […]

Composition Festival: Compose Yourself! logo and submission deadline of 31st May 2021


Do you have piano students who enjoy being creative? This week on the blog, we are delighted to welcome composer Alison Mathews to talk about Compose Yourself! the online composition festival for UK pianists aged 5-18. But first, a little about Alison and co-creator of the festival, composer Lindsey Berwin… ALISON MATHEWS Alison is a classically trained […]

A collection of the sheet music books referred to in the webinar and blog post, showing the book covers, laid on top of a piano.

Mood-Lifting Piano Pieces Your Students Will Love

Lockdown and online piano lessons can be tough-going at times. A few weeks ago, we were discussing at Team Curious how to keep lessons light-hearted, and our students engaged. We picked out ten mood-lifting piano pieces our students love, and now we’d like to share them with you! Sally, Sharon, and I each chose three […]


Wondering if you should attend a virtual conference? Online events are standard during the pandemic, and there could be real benefits for your piano studio. Everyone has upped their online game, and there are some fabulous events to inspire you from the comfort of your own home. BENEFITS OF ONLINE CONFERENCES FOR PIANO TEACHERS This […]

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Looking for online piano teaching ideas? Wondering how to prepare your students for recorded and online exams? We’ve got you covered. Join Sally, Sharon, leading piano pedagogy experts and exam boards, and check out 10 of our most popular recent free webinars on YouTube. Even better, hop over and subscribe for much, much more… 1. […]

female composers

Female Composers At The Keyboard: Part 1

I wonder how many female composers you can name? Contemporary female composers are not too hard but what about the Baroque, Classical or Romantic period? This is why I’m excited about this month’s Curiosity Box on piano works by female composers. Community members CLICK HERE for access. AN EMERGING AWARENESS Of course, awareness of female […]

teaching the piano at Christmas


Every piano teacher I know loves teaching the piano at Christmas! I certainly do. That’s because students often get a huge burst of motivation that results in increased practice and enjoyment all round. CHRISTMAS CAROL EFFECT I first noticed The Christmas Carol Effect many years ago. Young students, who were practising rather reluctantly, suddenly started […]

Socially-Distanced Piano Lessons: 7 Positive Things

Socially-distanced piano lessons can be a good thing. Hannah O’Toole shares 7 positive things she has discovered, and explores how COVID-19 restrictions can actually refresh our teaching. Socially-distanced piano lessons; a third way of teaching in 2020? One thing I have found myself saying a lot since July/August 2020, is that face-to-face piano lessons post-COVID […]