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piano teaching income stream


As a piano teacher do you have worries and concerns about maintaining a steady income? I certainly did for many years. When I started to teach I was very ad-hoc about how I actually ran the business side of things. I never created a business plan for my teaching in my early days. Why should […]

running a piano teaching business

Running your piano teaching business

Like it or not, if you teach the piano you are running your own piano teaching business. In the last blog post I asked whether piano teachers are, like other arts based subjects, open to exploitation. Just because we have a passion for what we do. This week let’s put the passion to one side […]

Passion and piano lesson fees

Why passion shouldn’t get in the way of lesson fees

Back in my 20s I found it hard to believe that someone would pay me to do something I had a real passion for. The fact that I was teaching the piano and earning money from it was frankly astonishing. Seeing and being around people who love their job is life affirming. We often feel […]