This is the 2nd instalment in a 4-part blog series about Cadenza – a free online resource that has been known to help students practice more frequently and more effectively.

This article is written by Professor Rena Upitis (Ed.D. Harvard), a Professor of Education at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), who is the Principal Investigator for the research and development of Cadenza.

Rena writes…

Cadenza is available without charge to students and their teachers.

All you need is a Google account in order to sign into Cadenza. If you already use Google (e.g. gmail), skip ahead to “Accessing Cadenza.”


To create a Google account for yourself – click here. Follow the directions and you’ll be issued an account, which you can then use for Cadenza, as well as the related Notemaker app. You might choose to personalize the look of your account by adding a photograph. We’ve created a short video to help you through this process.

Some students will already have Google accounts. For those students without Google accounts, you might want to help them set up their accounts at their lessons. Or, you can ask parents to help with this at home. Parents may, in fact, wish to set up the account themselves, and use it only for Cadenza. To learn more about Internet safety for families click here.


To access Cadenza, simply go to the website found at and click on the big orange bar to sign in with Google. You’ll be asked if Google can access your account for Cadenza and Notemaker, and by allowing this access, you make it possible to link with students and videos and other shared features. After you agree, select the teacher view. This is the only time that you’ll see these screens.

Once your students have created their Google accounts, they will use the same URL to access Cadenza, but they will select the student view. Students need to complete this step before teachers can invite them to join their studio.


Next, the teacher invites the student to join her studio by pressing the “add students” button right under the top right image. 





A screen will pop up (like the one shown below) and the teacher then adds the student’s Gmail address, and presses “add.”


Once the student accepts the invitation from his or her Cadenza account, you’re ready to begin!

Teachers often find it easiest to link the student and teacher views during the first lesson, rather than to ask the student to complete this step at home. To view a video summarizing this process click here.

Once all of your students have signed up with Cadenza, you’ll see them listed whenever you log on. To begin a lesson with a particular student, simply click “New Lesson” next to the student’s name.

Cadenza is part of a suite of music tools. Learn more about Cadenza and the other tools at


Coming up next week…

“How do I create a lesson with my student?”

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