piano lessons


You know those piano lessons that feel really, really good? Where both you and your student feel completely fired up and energised by the end of the lesson? Think back to these lessons and consider about what mades them so successful. For me I have pinpointed these lessons to be the ones when I stop […]

5 smart strategies for transfer students in your piano studio

Have you accepted any new transfer students into your teaching studio this new academic year? It can be a tricky time as everyone in the partnership works out how the others tick. Putting a few logical processes in place can really help though. Here are five smart strategies that we’ve found really helps to smooth […]

Why I’ve used lots of rote pieces to kick-start the new term

This was my first week back to teaching since the summer holidays and I’ve been using lots of rote pieces to kick-start the new term – much more so than ever before. That’s probably because – over in The Community – our monthly topic for September is Teaching by Rote. So I’ve been living and breathing […]

7 tips for feeling prepared


Are you feeling prepared yet for the new piano teaching term ahead? Are you wondering if there’s something that you’ve missed doing so far? Our wonderfully creative, open and curious piano teachers who make up The Community have all been busy getting ready. Here are their 7 top tips for starting the term ahead feeling […]

safeguarding & child protection in piano teaching


Have you ever had concerns over safeguarding & child protection issues? Been worried about the physical or mental well being of a student? Do you know what DSP stands for? Do you know who your DSP might be or how to contact them? In this week’s blog post we are continuing to consider piano teaching […]

piano teaching income stream


As a piano teacher do you have worries and concerns about maintaining a steady income? I certainly did for many years. When I started to teach I was very ad-hoc about how I actually ran the business side of things. I never created a business plan for my teaching in my early days. Why should […]

make-up piano lessons

Make-up lessons and your T&Cs

‘Adam is going on a school trip next week so please could we organise a make-up? ‘ ‘I’m sorry but it’s been sports day today and Emily is exhausted. Please could I cancel her piano lesson today and arrange a make-up another day.’ What do you say? I’m sure many of you have been faced […]

running a piano teaching business

Running your piano teaching business

Like it or not, if you teach the piano you are running your own piano teaching business. In the last blog post I asked whether piano teachers are, like other arts based subjects, open to exploitation. Just because we have a passion for what we do. This week let’s put the passion to one side […]

Passion and piano lesson fees

Why passion shouldn’t get in the way of lesson fees

Back in my 20s I found it hard to believe that someone would pay me to do something I had a real passion for. The fact that I was teaching the piano and earning money from it was frankly astonishing. Seeing and being around people who love their job is life affirming. We often feel […]

5 handy tips for piano lesson enquiries

5 handy tips for new piano lesson enquiries

Have you had many new piano lesson enquiries recently? Do you ever find yourself caught ‘off-guard’ by phone calls? I know I certainly do! When this happens I can end up babbling on and feeling that I am not representing my work and worth to the best of my ability. The next three months are […]