What are some of the weekly, termly, yearly struggles you face in piano lessons?

piano lessons

We all have them whether large or small. It might be getting parents to pick up and pay up on time or just having someone else to chat through piano teaching problems with.

Here at The Curious Piano Teachers we have The Community. A monthly or yearly paid membership that will help you to overcome some of the challenges we face as piano teachers.

If you want to know more before signing up here’s just 7 of the many ways that your piano lessons will benefit from you joining.


There is a huge and growing library of ready-to-use printables you have immediate access to. Accompanying them are 100s of hours of video tutorials featuring myself and Sharon and piano teaching experts (such as Graham Fitch, William Westney and Elissa Milne) from around the world. All available at the click of a button saving you time when preparing for piano lessons.

For example there are compound time flashcards and games to help you teach this concept, practice strategy cards for students who are struggling with their practice, a cheat sheet of ideas on motivating students and a whole set for explaining sonata form.


There are 39 topics currently available and growing month on month. These come in the shape of digitally delivered Curiosity Boxes and contain:

  • how-to video tutorials
  • workbooks and PDFs
  • a monthly webinar.

Here’s what’s been covered in the last 6 months alone:

  • Exploring Tutor books – May 2019
  • Educating Piano Parents – April 2019
  • Burgmuller Op. 100 – March 2019
  • Practice Strategies to Transform the work between lessons – February 2019
  • Motivation Comes as Standard – January 2019
  • A Christmas Cracker! – December 2018

Topics in the pipeline for the rest of 2019 include Transfer Pupils (June 2019), the music of Debussy (July/August) and the Principles of the Great Music Educators (November/December).

As a piano teacher there’s always something new to energise your piano lessons.


Sharon and I do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that everything that is available is of the highest quality possible.

Our members tell us that they really value the high production values we set. Not only do the resources work but they look fantastic. This means a lot to our teachers who are seeking to demonstrate to parents the professional nature of the job.

piano lessons


Piano teaching can be a lonely job but when you join The Community you immediately have access to a big, global network of other teachers via The Curiosity Lounge.

The Curiosity Lounge is a closed Facebook group which, amongst other things, provides a safe place to celebrate your wins in your piano lessons each week with Fab Friday. It is an incredibly safe and nurturing place to be and every question is treated with respect and valued. Practically any time day or night there will be someone on hand to answer your queries.


Everyone loves getting a generous 20% discount on music purchases! We have a number of discount deals with music suppliers that members of The Community can take advantage of.

Getting the business elements of your teaching sorted out isn’t everyone’s favourite part of the job. There’s plenty of guidance available to help you get more organised with business matters. Whether it’s setting up a new, more efficient operation for billing or building your website from scratch you’ll find there’s plenty of help on hand.

In addition there’s always someone in the Curiosity Lounge who’s been through it before and will be able to give advice.


Sometimes it seems as though hassle with parents comes with the job. Parental expectations can be huge and managing them a major challenge.
However, we believe things don’t have to be that stressful.

As a member of The Community you have exclusive access to The Piano Framework © and the Piano Trackers ©. The Piano Framework is a structured and progressive curriculum for learning from Beginners right through to Advanced Level. Used alongside the individual pupil focussed Piano Trackers parents and pupils get a deeper understanding of the vast array of skills and concepts that learning the piano entails. It gives you, the teacher, a physical piece of hard evidence to show parents the depth behind the progression of learning their child is going through.

Once you educate the parents you’ll find life will become a lot easier.

piano lessons


Once you are a member of The Community Sharon and I have a series of commitments to inform and support you the best we can.

Every month we host is live, group coaching webinar where you can ask questions about the monthly topic. There are monthly 30 minute surgeries about anything to do with piano teaching.

There are also opportunities to join special Mastermind groups. I recently led 30 teachers who wanted to connect to their own playing through a month long Productive Practice challenge.

And of course we are always in the Curiosity Lounge answering questions.

Sharon and I promise that if you take action and join The Community we will help you to become an even better teacher than you currently are.

And if you join and find out that it’s not quite right for you (and it’s not for everyone) then there’s a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.


This blog post was written by Dr Sally Cathcart, co-founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers.

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